Company Profile

ENSPEC provides a comprehensive Corrosion Consultancy and Forensic Engineering support service for manufacturing companies around the world. We specialise in materials failure investigations involving root cause analysis, metallurgical analysis, materials selection for process plant, plant condition monitoring audits, expert witness testimony, hazard analysis and risk assessment.

Our aim is to help production sites meet targets by safeguarding and enhancing the operational reliability of their manufacturing facilities.

If your company is experiencing any of the problems listed below, then Enspec is the ideal first point of contact for advice and support. You'll find contact information on the Contact Us page.

ENSPEC provides an Effective Maintenance Service, for those companies who are looking to improve the efficiency of their production operations.

Enspec has worked closely with clients, in over 33 countries, culminating in over 100 man-years experience of reliability-related activities in a variety of industries. i.e.
This has generated a very large database of over 10,000 case histories relating to materials-related failures, inspections of critical plant items, new process plant fabrication monitoring, used process plant inspections, corrosion monitoring etc.

Enspec has built-up a reputation as being a key solution provider for companies in the hygienic processing industry, where it has been called in to solve materials and corrosion-related problems for the food processing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Experience has shown that technical problems can arise both during the construction of new plant and in-service.